Why our Oceans Matter

Why our Oceans Matter

In this introductory video, Vincent explores the importance of the ocean to daily human life and the central role it plays in the global economy. Vincent highlights how 95% of the ocean is still yet to be explored and vitally contains 97% of the world’s water. Vincent defines the key sources of value from the ocean and outlines the key segments of the blue economy. Finally, this video also briefly covers the embryonic market for blue bonds and loans.

The ocean is the largest natural carbon sink on earth. Protecting the ocean will be vital in the fight to mitigate climate change. In GDP terms the ocean has an estimated value of over $24 trillion - in GDP terms it is the largest economy on earth. By understanding the economic and social value of the ocean, firms and businesses can understand how important it is to protect and conserve the ocean for the future.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand the economic value of the ocean

  • Explore the sources of value the ocean provides

  • Understand why urgent action must be taken to preserve the ocean

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Vincent Kneefel

Vincent Kneefel

Vincent Kneefel is an underwater photographer, ocean conservationist and circular economy expert. He has worked for organizations such as WWF, United Nations and Accenture on strategic sustainability and ocean conservation initiatives. His photographs show some of the most iconic and endangered creatures of our ocean.