ESG, Sustainability and Impact Jargon Buster

ESG, Sustainability and Impact Jargon Buster

ESG, sustainability, impact… they all just mean green, right? Not quite. Despite being used often interchangeably, there are distinct differences between these terms. In this video, Hannah explores what each term means, how they can overlap and why some terms are more green than others.

Green jargon is everywhere and it’s important to know what they actually mean. Hannah breaks down ESG, sustainability and impact in depth and gives examples to illustrate each.

Key learning objectives:

  • Identify what the environmental, social and governance parts of ESG mean

  • Understand what impact and sustainability mean

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Hannah Duncan

Hannah Duncan

Hannah is a passionate and experienced copywriter, with a flair for all things finance. Hannah worked as the Senior Content Manager at Invest Click & Invest, before becoming a contributing writer for Hargreaves Landsdown and Fintech Finance where she wrote blogs, white papers and web copy for businesses - as well as articles for magazines and newspapers. Hannah now is the content writer & founder of Hannah Duncan Investment Content.