Why Ethics is Difficult I

Why Ethics is Difficult I

Ethics are easy to grasp and hard to put into practice - but why? Why do we make the wrong choices when the right ones seem so clear with hindsight? In this video, Christian explores four reasons why we find it hard to practice ethics and often get things wrong.

In this series, we've been looking at why ethics can be difficult for people to deal with. What we need is a way of thinking about them that will allow us to navigate the complexities and overcome the weaknesses in the way that our brains engage with them.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand why we get things wrong from an ethical perspective

  • Learn 4 reasons why ethics can be difficult to live by in a complicated world

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Christian Hunt

Christian Hunt

Christian is the founder of Human Risk, a Behavioural Science led Consulting and Training Firm. Previously, Christian was Managing Director at UBS, and Head of Behavioural Science (BeSci), within the Bank’s Risk function. Prior to joining UBS, he was Chief Operating Officer at the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority.