When Technology Results in Unintended Consequences

When Technology Results in Unintended Consequences

In the final video of this series, Paul mentions some more causes of unintended consequences and also gives examples of some large tech companies, which are great examples of things growing quickly. He finally finishes by talking about the importance of unintended consequences. 

Because of our more connected world and the ability to scale quickly, there should be greater attention to systems and awareness of potential unintended consequences. This is not an argument to just keep things the way they are. Instead, this is an argument for understanding how the world is different and where we might be exposed to risk.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand the causes of unintended consequences

  • Understand why the the topic unintended consequences is important

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Paul Orlando

Paul Orlando

Paul's writing on "unintended consequences" comes from his work delving into the systems that he works to impact. He is the founder of Startups Unplugged, a consulting firm devoted to helping large organizations execute with the speed of startups. To do this, Paul often builds startup accelerators and incubators, helping organizations generate more revenue and enabling communities to attract new businesses. He is adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, running the institution's Incubator and in the past built other innovation programmes globally including AcceleratorHK in Hong Kong and the Laudato Si startup incubator in Rome. Paul graduated from Cornell University and Columbia Business School.