The Changing Landscape in Farming

The Changing Landscape in Farming

Farmers have to manage multiple objectives, with environmental management now being added to the mix as a priority. Join Oliver Knight as he explores state legislation and supranational sustainable farming incentives.

Farmers are now being asked to incorporate sustainable farming objectives to reduce negative environmental impacts. This is coming from state supported legislation (such as the Agriculture Act 2020 and the Environment Act 2021 in the UK) as well as supranational legislation (such as the EU’s Green Deal and The World Bank’s Climate Smart Agriculture - Adaptation Fund and Special Climate Fund).

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand the multiple farming objectives

  • Identify examples of farming legislation and incentives

  • Learn the benefits and drawbacks of private sector support

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Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight is a former banker and strategy consultant who now runs a company working to accelerate the impact of environmental research. It involves taking leading global research to the market related to improving the environment, enhancing land use and accelerating the transition to net zero emissions.