Introduction to High Impact Presentations

Introduction to High Impact Presentations

In the first video of her two-part series, expert communication coach Emma Zangs outlines four simple steps for preparing for a presentation or speech. The video focuses on the preparation stages before delivery.

You likely already know that preparation is key to delivering an effective presentation. However, you might not know what steps to take in your preparation process. Emma introduces a four-step process of setting an intention, finding your voice before writing, crafting content that interests you and making the content relatable.

Key learning objectives:

  • How to set a clear intention for your presentation

  • How to find your purpose before writing

  • What type of content will suit your audience

  • Why content must be relatable to be impactful

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Emma Zangs

Emma Zangs

Emma Zangs is a choreographer and communication coach based between London and Norfolk. She works with growing and established businesses, from GoCardless to Google. Emma lectures at Cass Business School, Cambridge Judge Business School and UCL's Entrepreneurship MSc.