Delivering with Impact

Delivering with Impact

In the second video of her two-part series, Emma Zangs provides four key steps for delivering a pre-prepared script with impact. Emma outlines how to keep audiences engaged with what you are saying and use body language to communicate and present with enthusiasm.

Delivering presentations with impact is vital to effectively communicate ideas to your audience. Emma introduces four simple tips to deliver a speech or presentation with vigour. The first tip outlines why body language is important, the second introduces the necessity of managing nerves through breathing techniques. The final two tips emphasise the types of physical preparation you can do to calm your nerves prior to presenting and how you can go the extra mile to stand out.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn how to master open body language

  • How to manage nerves through effective breathing techniques

  • How to warm yourself up to give your best performance

  • How to go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd

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Emma Zangs

Emma Zangs

Emma Zangs is a choreographer and communication coach based between London and Norfolk. She works with growing and established businesses, from GoCardless to Google. Emma lectures at Cass Business School, Cambridge Judge Business School and UCL's Entrepreneurship MSc.