Challenges for Sustainable Agriculture and Farming

Challenges for Sustainable Agriculture and Farming

We now know how to transition to sustainable farming and agricultural practices. But what are the pitfalls we should avoid? Oliver Knight is here with the answers in the final video of this pathway.

Transitioning to sustainable farming looks easy on paper - but there are some complications involved in moving from intensive to organic farming, including time. The challenges include: trying to tailor to the local system, lack of measurement tools, lack of understanding on soil, the unintended consequences of trade connectivity, and finally, the risk to rural and developing communities.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn the challenges of sustainable farming

  • Understand the risks associated with each challenge

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Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight is a former banker and strategy consultant who now runs a company working to accelerate the impact of environmental research. It involves taking leading global research to the market related to improving the environment, enhancing land use and accelerating the transition to net zero emissions.