Is it too late to save the ocean?

Is it too late to save the ocean?

In this video, Vincent outlines the major threats that the ocean is currently facing, from declining fish stocks and biodiversity to plastic pollution. Vincent emphasises the lack of protection available to the ocean in comparison to the protection available to land sites. Vincent emphasises that urgent action is necessary to mitigate the damage that has already taken place.

Threats to the ocean are so extensive today that more than 40 per cent of the ocean has already been severely affected and virtually no area has been left untouched. The business-as-usual trajectory will have detrimental effects, with the WWF estimating that the costs could be $8.4 trillion to the global economy over the next 15 years. Immediate action could save the ocean and reduce these costs to $3.3 trillion. Vincent will discuss which threats must be immediately addressed, though he notes that the list is not exhaustive

Key learning objectives:

  • Explore the six major threats currently impacting the ocean

  • Understand the scale of the issues threatening the ocean

  • Briefly explore how the threats to the ocean can be mitigated

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Vincent Kneefel

Vincent Kneefel

Vincent Kneefel is an underwater photographer, ocean conservationist and circular economy expert. He has worked for organizations such as WWF, United Nations and Accenture on strategic sustainability and ocean conservation initiatives. His photographs show some of the most iconic and endangered creatures of our ocean.