Sustainable Supply Chains

Where does the smartphone in your pocket come from? What about the clothes on your back or the coffee in your cup? Every commodity is the end result of a supply chain. Unfortunately, a cursory glance at the news can show many supply chains are rife with ESG abuse - from pollution to slavery. In this pathway, Kate Larsen will walk you through what a supply chain is, the problems, the legislation passed to fix them and what supply chain best practice should look like.

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4 videos • 54 minutes

  • Introduction to Sustainable Supply Chains

    How do the items you use, eat and wear get made? Unfortunately, bad ESG practice in industry supply chains is more likely to be the rule than the exception. In the introductory video of this pathway, Kate Larsen guides us through what a supply chain is and how you can judge the E, the S and the G parts of a supply chain.

    Kate Larsen10:43

  • The Challenges for Supply Chains

    Now we’re familiar with what a supply chain is and where ESG fits into it, Kate guides us through the problems we have with supply chains - pollution, deforestation, child labour, slavery, wage abuse and even death. From budget brands to high end luxury - these aren’t problems on far away shores. In fact, many of these are closer to home than you think.

    Kate Larsen17:31

  • Global Initiatives to Enhance Supply Chain Sustainability

    We’ve seen examples of supply chain abuse and explored how this problem has been allowed to proliferate. Now we move onto solutions. In this video, Kate outlines global principles and national legislation that have been passed on supply chain transparency and discusses how successful these have been in practice. She also explores how the industry is responding, from pushing the EU for more effective legislation to joining global standards guidance.

    Kate Larsen13:45

  • Sustainable Supply Chains Best Practice

    Maintaining supply chain due diligence can seem complicated, cumbersome and downright unmanageable. Luckily, all is not lost. In the last video of this pathway, Kate rounds off by showing us how supply chain due diligence can be achieved by keeping 5 key words in mind.

    Kate Larsen12:53

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