Sustainability Labels

ESG is one label. Greenwashing is another. Join Hannah Duncan in this pathway, as she explores why we need clear definitions and clarity for sustainability and demystifies commonly used green jargon with examples.

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4 videos • 31 minutes

  • Foundational

    ESG, Sustainability and Impact Jargon Buster

    ESG, sustainability, impact… they all just mean green, right? Not quite. Despite being used often interchangeably, there are distinct differences between these terms. In this video, Hannah explores what each term means, how they can overlap and why some terms are more green than others.

    Hannah Duncan09:25

  • Green Loans, Green Bonds & Blue Bonds Jargon Buster

    Green investment is big, and only getting bigger. In this video, Hannah explores key lending terms such as sustainability-linked loans, green bonds and blue bonds, what they are and how they work.

    Hannah Duncan06:21

  • Greenwashing and Impact Washing Jargon Buster

    The car company that fudges their emissions, the fast fashion brand that inflates their eco credentials - it seems like everyone we see is misrepresenting their green commitments. In this video, Hannah explores exactly what greenwashing and impact washing is.

    Hannah Duncan04:37

  • Green Investment Management Terminology Jargon Buster

    There are tons of green investment terms. Impact investing, ESG investing, responsible investing, active ESG - the list goes on. But what’s the actual difference between these terms? Are they actually effective? How green are they? In this video, Hannah explains each term in depth and ranks each according to how green they are.

    Hannah Duncan11:19

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