Stress Management & Productivity

Join Vix, an accredited Mental Health First Aider, ICF-certified life coach and yoga teacher, in this pathway as she takes us through a stress management and productivity journey. In this pathway, Vix will be sharing different ways you can manage your stress and be more like yourself on your best days, whether that’s at work, with your family, or even in traffic.

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8 videos • 25 minutes

  • Why Stress is the Enemy of Productivity?

    In the first video of the 'stress and productivity management' series, Vix explains why the notion that we somehow 'need stress to be effective’ is misleading and how stress negatively impacts productivity and hinders our performance.

    Vix Anderton02:18

  • Self-Regulation

    In the second video in her series, Vix highlights the ways to spot our stress. She further explains the three important techniques for Self regulation that would help us do better.

    Vix Anderton04:32

  • The Four Phases of a Human Cycle

    In the third video on this series, Vix breaks the biggest productivity myth i.e., "we are meant to be productive all the time".

    Vix Anderton04:16

  • Starting Well through Planning

    In her fourth video on stress and productivity management, Vix outlines the importance of starting well, describing steps to take to ensure all projects start effectively.

    Vix Anderton02:05

  • How to Execute Well?

    In the fifth video in her series, Vix explains why there’s not just ‘one way’ to do well and highlights four fundamental methods on how to do well, based on the task at hand.

    Vix Anderton04:38

  • Why is it important to End Well?

    In this video, Vix discusses the importance of ending anything well, be that a project or a task or simply ending your day well.

    Vix Anderton03:13

  • Importance of Recharging

    The seventh video on her series is a brief explanation of the fourth phase of the human cycle. Join Vix as she discusses the importance of Resting well by going through some simple ways.

    Vix Anderton03:09

  • Practice makes perfect

    In the final video on this series, Vix addresses how the tools and techniques discussed in previous videos will make a difference.

    Vix Anderton01:36

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