The Impact of Nature on Well-being

Being in nature lessens negative emotions while enhancing positive ones. Not only does being in nature improve your mood, but it also benefits your physical health. In this pathway, Ellen highlights the benefits of including plants in your everyday routine for your brain to develop. Stick around for some scientific theory, mind-blowing facts, and suggestions on how to incorporate these advantages into your daily activities.

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5 video modules • 32 minutes

  • How 'Green' is Wired into our Genes

    In this video, Ellen explains why and how packing plants into your daily life can help your brain blossom

    Ellen Miles04:13

  • Theories Behind Nature's Magic

    In this video, Ellen shares some of the leading biological, psychological, and anthropological theories behind nature’s power to make us smarter, happier, and more creative.

    Ellen Miles07:20

  • The Magic of Nature

    In this video, Ellen explains the astounding results nature has on our cognitive processes and emotional states.

    Ellen Miles04:35

  • Integrating Nature into Your Life

    In this video, Ellen gives some advice on getting more nature into your surroundings—both by getting out into "the great outdoors" and by bringing the outdoors in.

    Ellen Miles03:16

  • 10 Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably

    This video provides a detailed explanation of the number of ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and influence global systems without having to overhaul our lives. 

    Ellen Miles13:30

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