Green Energy Efficient Mortgages

With housing making up almost 40% of carbon emissions in the EU, it is imperative that properties are made more energy efficient if the EU stands any chance of meeting its net zero by 2050 target. Green mortgages are one potential product which may provide a solution. Join Luca Bertalot, Secretary General of the EMF-ECBC in this pathway, as he outlines the need for energy efficient mortgages, what they are, the initiatives driving energy efficient mortgages and some of the products that are currently available in the market.

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4 video modules • 34 minutes

  • The Importance of Household Energy Efficiency

    This first video of a four-part video series will look at what private finance can do to tackle climate change and what can be done to reduce rising energy costs around the world. Join Luca as he explains why there is a need for energy efficient mortgages (EEMs) and how they can help consumers and the environment, as well as some of the regulatory changes that have already been made in order to move things in the right direction. 

    Luca Bertalot05:49

  • Introduction to Green and Energy Efficient Mortgages

    In the second video of this four-part video series, Luca explores the role of energy-efficient mortgages in reducing the pollution caused by inefficient homes. He further talks us through how ‘green mortgages’ work, what requirements are needed, and how these loans can be used to make homes more efficient.

    Luca Bertalot09:17

  • EU and UK Regulatory Developments on Green Mortgages

    In the third video of this four-part video series, Luca focuses on the proactive steps that the EU and UK bodies are taking and the scale of financing needed to carry out the necessary green refurbishments.

    Luca Bertalot05:11

  • Green Mortgages in Practice (June 2022)

    In the final video of this four-part video series, Luca illustrates the new products that are becoming available in the UK and the EU.

    Luca Bertalot14:24

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