Diversity and Inclusion

This pathway explores the concepts of diversity and inclusion. Christian Hunt first explains what modern day tribes are and how they hinder diversity. Nisrin Abouelezz then elaborates on the importance of diversity and inclusion in an organisation.

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4 videos •

  • Foundational

    Why do Tribes make Diversity difficult?

    In the first video of this series, Christian explored the idea that we have tribal loyalties and how, from an evolutionary perspective, this might not always serve us well.

    Christian Hunt13:25

  • Foundational

    Diversity for the collective good

    In this video, Christian explains why diversity matters and what are the obstacles to make diversity happen.

    Christian Hunt16:23

  • Foundational

    Diversity and Inclusion in Financial Services

    In this two-part series, Nisrin shares her insight into diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with a particular focus on the financial services industry in the UK. She also talks us through her experience as a woman in the banking sector, as gender equality, or the lack thereof, is a key issue among many others when it comes to matters of diversity and inclusion.

    Nisrin Abouelezz06:29

  • Foundational

    Progress in Diversity and Inclusion in Financial Services

    In the second part of this two-part video series, Nisrin outlined what diversity is and why it is important. She also discusses the lack of diversity and adequate data in the financial services industry.

    Nisrin Abouelezz06:23

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