Carbon Markets

Carbon market is a term that we are hearing ever more frequently. These markets aim to provide the much needed mechanisms, financing and standards to help transition to a greener economy. Originally they were aimed at facilitating emission permits trading but now they encompass a wide variety of innovative solutions including project credits, credits for avoidance and removal of emissions. Carbon markets have evolved over the last few decades and continue to do so with new standards, improved regulation and innovative models to verify emissions reductions. In this pathway, Nicola Steen takes us through the history, rationale behind emissions trading schemes and the birth of voluntary carbon markets.

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7 video modules • 1 hour 5 minutes

  • Rationale Behind Emissions Trading Schemes

    In this video, Nicola Steen first explains the basics of greenhouse gases and then explains the theory of emissions trading schemes and how they emerged as a potential solution to limit the rising greenhouse gas levels.

    Nicola Steen08:59

  • Origins of Emissions Trading Schemes

    Having studied the theory and rationale behind emissions trading schemes, in this video Nicola Steen takes us through the origins of the first pan economy emissions scheme, the UK ETS. She provides history and context around the discussions that took place before the genesis of the UK ETS and also how it eventually merged with the EU ETS before splitting again as UK ETS II post Brexit.

    Nicola Steen12:46

  • Emissions Trading Schemes in Practice

    The implementation of an emissions trading scheme involves a lot more considerations than in theory. In this video Nicola Steen explains how trading schemes have been implemented in the real world.

    Nicola Steen07:44

  • Landscape of Global Emissions Trading Schemes

    In this video, Nicola Steen explores the origins and key features of global emissions trading schemes by covering the first UK ETS and then the EU ETS which effectively shut down the original UK ETS. Nicola will also explain the origin of the new UK ETS following Brexit. Finally she will also outline features of the California ETS and China ETS.

    Nicola Steen07:20

  • Voluntary Carbon Markets in Practice

    In this video, Nicola talks us through the three real-life stories of how the voluntary carbon market can be applied.

    Nicola Steen07:49

  • Origins and Landscape of Voluntary Carbon Markets

    In this video, Nicola discusses how carbon markets help reduce rising emission levels. She has distinguished between mandatory carbon markets and voluntary carbon markets. She further explains the early building of the voluntary carbon market around the world. She further explores the setup of Verra’s Voluntary Carbon Standard (the VCS) and the Gold Standard in parallel to the Government-led UN’s Clean Development Mechanism

    Nicola Steen13:25

  • Carbon Emissions and Markets Jargon Buster

    In this video, Nicola outlines some key terms relating to carbon markets such as Scope One, Scope Two and Scope Three emissions. She also explains further about the different types of strategies to avoid and reduce emissions and their impact on the environment.

    Nicola Steen07:22

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