Renewable Energy Project Finance

To achieve the path to net zero, we need renewable energy. Before we can get renewable energy, we need to fund renewable energy projects. Where do you start? Join Lachlan Tait as he explains the fundamentals of renewable energy project finance. Explore SPVs, securities, contract bankability, project documents, EPC agreements and sector specific challenges in this all-encompassing pathway.

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7 videos • 53 minutes

  • Foundational

    Introduction to Renewable Energy Project Finance

    This video explains what project finance actually is, with a few examples of how it differs from corporate finance. It further highlights the non-recourse nature of this type of financing and explores the role of SPVs and how they turn renewable energy and other large-scale projects from high-risk, high-cost, inaccessible undertakings into more manageable endeavours.

    Lachlan Tait06:58

  • Foundational

    Project Finance Security and Limited Recourse

    In this video, Lachlan will continue to explore the key elements involved in project finance and will explain why security is such a vital consideration for lenders. He will also take us through project revenues, which are used to service the project finance debt and pay contractors for work completed.

    Lachlan Tait06:24

  • Foundational

    Bankability of a Renewable Energy Project

    In the third video of this series, Lachlan talks about "bankability", what it means, and what makes a renewable energy project "bankable."

    Lachlan Tait05:24

  • Foundational

    Renewable Energy Project Documents

    In this video, Lachlan will explore the different document types, often referred to as "project documents," that are typically used for renewable energy projects, as well as look at how they influence bankability.

    Lachlan Tait09:46

  • Foundational

    Renewable Energy Financing Documents

    This video highlights some key examples of the other type of document involved here, the financing documents under which renewable energy projects are financed.

    Lachlan Tait05:12

  • Foundational

    EPC Solvency and Grid Connection

    In this video, Lachlan covers the overarching challenges facing renewables as a sector and how the project contracts can be used to overcome or otherwise manage these challenges.

    Lachlan Tait10:23

  • Foundational

    PPA Price Risk and Force Majeure

    In the final video of this series, Lachlan expands on the area by outlining two more sector-specific challenges: PPA price risks and the impacts of COVID-19 as a force majeure event.

    Lachlan Tait09:05

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