In this pathway Sir Ronald Cohen, the 'father of social investment' will serve as a guide to 'Impact investing', an investment strategy that combines the pursuit of financial returns, while achieving social or environmental impact. Sir Ronald will highlight how crucial it is for organisations to use strategies such as 'Impact-weighted accounts' to create transparency on the damage they are inflicting. Impact investing is the future of social finance, but to be successful it needs buy-in from all stakeholders.

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6 videos • 1 hour 16 minutes

  • Why Impact?

    The world has been moving in the direction of investment that achieves a positive impact. We're at the critical historic juncture where we all have to push together to achieve this impact transparency. Join Sir Ronald as he explains what Impact investment and ESG investment is and the key reasons why the world is moving in the direction of assessing impact. He further highlights the similarities between technology and impact and finishes by explaining the roles different parties play in bringing about positive impacts.

    Sir Ronald Cohen12:27

  • The purpose of the corporation

    The idea that a business's only objective is to make money is now behind us. Success in business from now on is defined as making money while improving lives and the planet. In this video, Sir Ronald delves deeper into the role of the corporation in ensuring this change.

    Sir Ronald Cohen10:47

  • Impact through corporations

    We have the right to know what good and what harm companies are creating on people and the environment in their search for profit. In this video Sir Ronald discusses how we can bring this about effectively.

    Sir Ronald Cohen13:29

  • Impact through investment management

    The impact revolution was started by consumers and talent, primarily among young people. Investors noticed this, realized that it would affect the profitability of their portfolios, and began to shift their investments in the direction of companies that create less harm or have a positive impact. In this video, Sir Ronald provides examples of how revolutions in investing have changed the world, and further explores how certain types of investors can be brought into the impact investigation revolution.

    Sir Ronald Cohen18:49

  • Impact through entrepreneurship

    In this video, Sir Ronald suggests that entrepreneurs find an area where they can improve lives and the planet and create a business model that enables you to build a massive company that massively improves the lives of billions of people.

    Sir Ronald Cohen10:30

  • Impact through philanthropy and government

    Impact thinking is also revolutionizing philanthropy. In this video, Sir Ronald explains what a social impact bond is, gives us some practical examples of how SIBs have solved social issues, and explores how risk changes hands with the new philanthropy model.

    Sir Ronald Cohen10:29

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