Green Energy

Renewable Energy is becoming an increasingly popular alternative energy source as it doesn’t damage the environment to the extent of burning fossil fuels. Colin explores the various forms of green energy, such as wind and solar energy - and the benefits they bring to the economy. This pathway will inform on the past, present and future trajectory surrounding the use of renewable energies.

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7 videos • 1 hour 32 minutes

  • The Drivers of Widespread Renewable Energy Adoption

    The oil price shocks of the mid-1970s caused the developed economies to investigate renewable energy based alternatives to fossil fuels. In this video, Colin explains the factors that triggered the rise of renewable energy and enabled its growth. He further describes how the costs of renewable power have changed over time and the technologies required to enable the widespread adoption of renewable energy generation.

    Colin Palmer14:02

  • Renewables Jargon Buster

    Like any industry, the world of renewables has its own share of jargon which can be inaccessible to outsiders. Renewable energy has changed and grown dramatically in recent years. In a world awash with fake news, it has not been difficult for these people to promote and perpetuate a number of myths designed to undermine confidence in these technologies. A few of the more egregious ones are discussed in this video.

    Colin Palmer17:33

  • Introduction to Wind Energy

    Energy from the wind has been used by mankind for thousands of years, but has become outdated since the early twentieth century. Join Colin as he explains why there was a revival in wind energy in the 1907s and how the industry developed. He further talks about the square-cube law and its relevance to wind turbines.

    Colin Palmer15:41

  • Introduction to Solar Energy

    A tenfold cost reduction over the last ten years has caught many unaware, and solar PV is now set to be the largest source of renewable energy in the future. In this video, Colin explains how the conversion of sunlight to electricity in solar panels helped the industry develop. He further explains why and how solar energy generation will become ubiquitous.

    Colin Palmer13:47

  • Introduction to Wave and Tidal energy

    Wave and tidal energy are, subjectively, both abundant and powerful sources of natural energy. In this video, Colin explains the reason why wave energy is much less commercialised than wind and solar energy and the challenges surrounding wave energy development. He further talks about the cost differential between wave, tidal and offshore wind energies.

    Colin Palmer11:00

  • The Historic Underestimation of Renewable Generation

    In this video, Colin explains how the International Energy Agency's predictions for renewable energy have changed in the last 20 years. He also explains the S curve model of technical change and finishes by highlighting the space requirements for renewable energies.

    Colin Palmer09:51

  • Introduction to Energy Storage Technology

    Key to the generation of high proportions of power from inherently variable renewable energy sources is the use of energy storage. Storage is necessary to both smooth out short term mismatches between supply and demand and to balance longer-term, inter-seasonal differences. In this video, Colin describes the present and future energy storage technologies including how new manufacturing models are being used for batteries and solar panels.

    Colin Palmer10:57

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