Behavioural Science

Behavioural science is about understanding the drivers behind human decision making. This pathway will give you the tools to better understand your daily interactions with colleagues and how you and your team can increase productivity.

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6 videos • 1 hour 22 minutes

  • What is Behavioural Science?

    For compliance to be effective, we need a good understanding of how our brains work. Christian introduces the basics of Behavioural Science; the study of human decision-making. He will outline why human risk is important to consider, provide an introduction to Behavioural Science and cover some relevant source material, such as "Thinking Fast & Slow".

    Christian Hunt20:44

  • Heuristics, Cognitive Biases and Social Proof

    In this video, Christian builds on concepts covered in the previous video: the basics of how our brains work. Christian will look in more detail at some techniques that will allow us to better influence the decision-making of others and ourselves.

    Christian Hunt19:42

  • The FEAST Framework I

    In the third video to this series, Christian introduces the FEAST framework, identifying the components behind it, and how they can be used to influence behaviour.

    Christian Hunt09:49

  • The FEAST Framework II

    In the last video to this series, Christian picks up where he left off with the FEAST framework. He highlights in detail the components behind Attractive, Social, and Timely and how they influence human decision making.

    Christian Hunt08:52

  • Why Models Fail

    In this series of videos, Christian will explore how traditional approaches and ways of thinking, might not always serve us well in the modern world. He will explain why we use models and evaluate some of their limitations.

    Christian Hunt16:12

  • Survival Skills in the 21st Century

    In previous video of the series, Christian explored why traditional models might not best serve our needs, in all cases. In this video, he will introduce potential solutions.

    Christian Hunt07:04

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