B Corps

B Corp certification is a highly respected global standard in corporate sustainability. These corporations balance both profit and ethics. Join Rebecca in this pathway as she provides an insight into their history, the process to becoming B Corp certified, and the benefits that come along once status is achieved.

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3 videos • 43 minutes

  • What is a B Corp?

    In this video, Rebecca talks about the history of B Corp and why the two founders felt driven to create B Lab in 2015. She also explains what a B Corp is and the values core to becoming one.

    Rebecca Wetten17:35

  • How to Become a B Corp?

    In this video, Rebecca gives an overview of the application process involved in becoming a B Corp. She outlines the timelines to expect, the resources needed, giving you the tools to evaluate whether the process is worth the resources needed to apply.

    Rebecca Wetten11:00

  • Being a B Corp

    In this video, Rebecca provides an overview of what happens once a company has achieved B Corp status, which companies are in the B Corp community and how the B Corp certification stacks up to governmental and legal frameworks.

    Rebecca Wetten15:19

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