Greenwashing is the act of distributing false information about something being more environmentally friendly than it actually is. With a looming climate crisis, it seems like more companies than ever are at risk of falling into this trap. Join Keith Mullin and Roger Miles as they explain what greenwashing is, some notable examples and the responsibility of stakeholders to minimise this behaviour.

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5 videos • 56 minutes

  • What is Greenwashing?

    In the first video of this series, Keith begins by introducing Greenwashing and some examples of how some companies could potentially be seen as greenwashing. He also talks about some of the regulatory moves around data disclosure that investors and other stakeholders are calling for.    

    Keith Mullin10:39

  • The Role of Stakeholders to Minimise Greenwashing

    In the second video of this series, Keith talks about moves to harden the regulatory requirements around data disclosure, which many agree are needed to make green finance more credible.

    Keith Mullin10:31

  • Real Life Examples of Greenwashing

    In the last video of this series, Keith takes us through some real-life examples from the debt capital markets where there has been some disagreement amongst market participants about whether issuers are greenwashing or not.

    Keith Mullin06:32

  • The Rising Tide against Greenwashing

    In this two-part video, Roger explores the concept of "greenwashing." First, what does it mean, and where does this idea belong in the current landscape of expectations around what constitutes good business practices and environmentally friendly operations.

    Roger Miles10:51

  • Types of Greenwashing and Key Terminology

    In this video, we are going to look at some detailed examples of greenwashing in action, as well as various words used to identify different forms of the problem.

    Roger Miles17:40

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