What is Culture and why is Culture Change Important?

What is Culture and why is Culture Change Important?

The intention of this series of 4 videos on “Culture Change in Practice” by Roger Noon is to present some different perspectives of organisational culture. The series is aimed at anybody involved in culture change – but in particular senior leaders – those who want to lead healthy cultures and those who are accountable for doing so.

There are a lot of methods and strategies that can help us understand and influence culture. For example, deep-dive diagnostics; behavioural analytics; the use of charters and values frameworks; internal and external survey tools; leadership coaching; mentoring; and role modelling.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand why businesses invest in cultural strengthening

  • What is culture and how do we influence it?

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Roger Noon

Roger Noon

Roger is an executive coach and culture change practitioner with a background in engineering and programme management. He has spent the last decade in large multinational banks working out how to understand culture and strengthen behaviours in order to improve conduct, risk management and business performance.