Why do Tribes make Diversity difficult?

Why do Tribes make Diversity difficult?

In the first video of this series, Christian explored the idea that we have tribal loyalties and how, from an evolutionary perspective, this might not always serve us well.

With diversity in the forefront of everyone's mind, we need to start engaging and understanding what this word actually means. Especially if we want to start making a positive difference. In part one of this series, Christian explores why we're drawn to tribes, how our brains compare and assess people and what we get wrong about evolution.

Key learning objectives:

  • What are our modern day tribes and how to they help us makes sense of the world?

  • Why do our brains compare and assess the people we meet?

  • What can we learn from our misconceptions on evolution?

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Christian Hunt

Christian Hunt

Christian is the founder of Human Risk, a Behavioural Science led Consulting and Training Firm. Previously, Christian was Managing Director at UBS, and Head of Behavioural Science (BeSci), within the Bank’s Risk function. Prior to joining UBS, he was Chief Operating Officer at the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority.