Working From Home Essentials

The world is in the midst of one of the largest global pandemics ever seen. This pathway examines the effect of COVID-19 on the way the world works and how so many things we were used to have changed.

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6 videos • 1 hour 27 minutes

  • A Cognitive Analysis of COVID-19 I

    As an extra to Christian's Behavioural Science series, in this video Christian examines the world's largest behavioural science experiment, also known as, COVID-19. He discusses how it has highlighted weaknesses in our mental models, and why we didn't see it coming.  

    Christian Hunt07:03

  • A Cognitive Analysis of COVID-19 II

    In the second video of this COVID Cognition series, Christian outlines how we can overcome and improve on the weaknesses highlighted by COVID-19, and provides a unique technique - 'Outrageous Opposites' to overcome our irrational thought processes.

    Christian Hunt10:25

  • Working Remotely in a Sustainable Way I

    If you’re someone who's having to work remotely in a job that was originally designed to be done from an office, then this video is for you. In this two-part video series on "Working remotely in a sustainable way", Christian gives us an overview of some of the reasons why remote working can be challenging and what can be done to make it less of an ordeal for ourselves.

    Christian Hunt15:17

  • Working Remotely in a Sustainable Way II

    In the previous video on this series we looked at how we perceive the situation of remote working. In this video Christian continues with his tips on how to get the most out of remote working.  He further explains the changes we can make to it, and how to overcome some of the physical challenges.

    Christian Hunt15:24

  • Sustainably Managing Remote Working Teams I

    This 2 part video series is designed for line managers looking for help in how to manage remote working teams sustainably. In this video Christian focuses specifically on on ‘home working’; as opposed to staff who are working from an office in which they are not physically present.

    Christian Hunt22:22

  • Sustainably Managing Remote Working Teams II

    In part one of this series Christian highlighted the challenges of managing teams remotely.  In this video, he continues delivering his thoughts on how to be a more effective manager of remote working teams.

    Christian Hunt17:16

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