In January 2018, Larry Fink, chairman of Blackrock, wrote a paradigm shifting letter to all the CEOs of companies that Blackrock invests in, stating that “society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose, to prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society”. Since this, stewardship between investors and the companies they are invested in has skyrocketed. Responsible stewardship has proven to be the most efficient way for shareholders to hold companies accountable for their actions on ESG issues, ultimately creating a better and more sustainable economy. Join Arun Kelshiker and Denitsa Georgieva as they explain the concept of stewardship and how you can effectively execute it.

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4 videos • 40 minutes

  • Introduction to Stewardship

    In the first video of this two-part video series, Arun defines what stewardship is and then looks at the different approaches to stewardship, such as stewardship through engagement, stewardship through voting, and stewardship through escalation.

    Arun Kelshiker11:06

  • The Importance of Stewardship

    In the final video of this two-part video series, Arun explains why stewardship is important. First he discusses the ways in which investors exercise stewardship across different asset classes, then he looks at the reasons for actioning stewardship, and finally he finishes by talking about the current trends within stewardship and what the future looks like.

    Arun Kelshiker10:15

  • Stewardship in Action

    In this video, Denitsa explains how the role of the shareholder goes far beyond merely sharing in the financial gains of a company. Those investing in businesses have the right, and perhaps even the social responsibility, to pick apart the operations and practices of the companies they invest in and to analyse them in order to determine whether or not they are behaving in an appropriate manner.

  • Stewardship through Collective Voting

    In this video, Denitsa examines a case study that illustrates how stewardship has been effectively used by investors to create meaningful change at companies. She also looks at how effective stewardship has led to very recent changes in the investment industry, as well as the future trajectory of this area. 

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