Oceans and the Blue Economy

If the ocean was a country it would have the largest economy in the world. It covers 75% of the Earth’s surface, contains 97% of the Earth’s water and represents 99% of the living space on the planet by volume. And it’s at risk. Threats to the ocean are so extensive today that more than 40% of the ocean has already been severely affected. Join Vincent Kneefel in this pathway as he covers what we mean by the blue economy, what the key threats are and some solutions to the plastic pollution crisis



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3 videos • 33 minutes

  • Foundational

    Why our Oceans Matter

    The ocean is big, blue and invaluable. If it was a country it would have the largest economy in the world - and we’ve only managed to explore 5% of it. Unfortunately, this is all at risk from human activity. Join Vincent Kneefel in this introductory video, as he explores the importance of the ocean to livelihoods and the meaning of the blue economy.

    Vincent Kneefel10:10

  • Foundational

    Is it too late to save the ocean?

    Over 40% of the ocean has already been severely affected by 5 key threats - and this will have disastrous long-term consequences. How we decide act in the next 10 years will be vitally important. Join Vincent Kneefel in this video as he outlines what these key threats are and how they are affecting our oceans.

    Vincent Kneefel09:02

  • Foundational

    Plastics and the circular economy

    Plastic is great for packing your lunch and paying for products. It’s not so great for marine life. In fact, 11 million tons of plastic ends up in our ocean with 100,000 marine mammals dying annually as a result. How did we get here? Join Vincent Kneefel as he explores why plastics are harmful and how we can reduce the amount in circulation.

    Vincent Kneefel14:21