High Impact Presentations

In this pathway, Emma Zangs provides some useful tips for high impact presentations. In the first video, she tells us how we can prepare effectively and then in the second video she explains how we can deliver with impact through 4 simple techniques.



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2 videos • 6 minutes

  • Foundational

    Introduction to High Impact Presentations

    In the first video of her two-part series, expert communication coach Emma Zangs outlines four simple steps for preparing for a presentation or speech. The video focuses on the preparation stages before delivery.

    Emma Zangs02:42

  • Foundational

    Delivering with Impact

    In the second video of her two-part series, Emma Zangs provides four key steps for delivering a pre-prepared script with impact. Emma outlines how to keep audiences engaged with what you are saying and use body language to communicate and present with enthusiasm.

    Emma Zangs03:33