Climate Science

Green Finance Professionals need to understand the basic science of climate change in order to design, implement and monitor investments. They also need this knowledge to take advantage of the substantial opportunities from the transition to a low-carbon world. In this pathway, Simon Thompson explains the science underpinning climate change, and how we can identify, quantify and manage the significant risks.

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3 videos • 33 minutes

  • Introduction to Climate Change

    Understanding the science of climate change is vital for understanding the future of finance. In this video, Simon gives an introduction to the science behind climate change and outlines the current political, scientific, and financial situations relating to this phenomenon. 

    Simon Thompson12:14

  • Introduction to Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    In this video, Gordon introduces the Keeling curve, the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere, and the idea that market-based tools such as cap and trade can help us to reorganise our economies to reduce the amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere.

    Gordon Rowan07:28

  • Introduction to Climate Risk Management

    The 2020 World Economic Forum Global Risks Report ranks climate change as the key risk faced by business, finance, and society over the next 10 years. In this video, Simon focuses on the risks and how to identify and manage them.

    Simon Thompson14:04

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